The Man that is Bob Marley

I came across this article about Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley on Wednesday where he discussed his father’s impact as well as his role in the recent documentary entitled ‘Marley’ depicting the life of Bob.

Ziggy said, “”[People] see my father as being down-to-earth, cool and … like a friend,” “His personality still resonates just as his music does.” It certainly does.

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to look at the documentary but I don’t doubt how amazing and enlightening it was to learn more about a man who brought people and countries together with his music.

After reading the article I remembered something I wrote about two years ago about Bob after a trip to Jamaica where I visited his home which is now a famous museum.

Here is what I wrote:

I feel cheated that I was not given the opportunity to see a man in his element, to see him calm the masses with his words, move people with his songs and change the minds of leaders with his message. The Man I refer to is someone I believe we would never truly have on this Earth again. That man, is Bob Marley.
I started really thinking of Bob when I visited his home in August, on Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica where it is now an amazing museum. As I entered the compound and I looked around I felt his presence, I saw him running around playing football in what is now the car park. I looked at the pictures on the walls, him with his band, his family, him with his favourite guitar. Then, parked up in the corner was his van, that he used to drive around in. It was an amazing experience, and that was just outside. Inside was even better.
There we saw where he slept, where he layed in his hammock, where he got his honey, the man had a little beehive outside his kitchen window which is still there by the way.
I teared up many times because I was walking where he walked, I was looking where he looked, I was touching what he touched. My pores raises everytime I think about it. After the tour inside, we were taken to where there were countless photos and paintings of him, where they stored his favourite guitars and picks. I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted to sit in an area that was his favourite and just enjoy the breeze.
After that, I took all my mom’s cd’s and put it on my iPod and I haven’t removed it since and I’m not going to, I listen to his music with a different mind now, I focus deeply on his lyrics. I often wonder what effect he would’ve had on the world now, if he was still around, what effect he would’ve had on me.
Bob Marley was a simple man who loved his music and who loved bringing people together with it.

Bob, I am sorry that I never got the chance to see you in action but I trust that you know your music lives on and will continue to until the end of time.






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