Kim Joyce

I wanted to write this post since last week but I waited for this artiste to release her new song. Which artiste? Kim Joyce!

An amazing singer and writer who I’ve supported since I found her videos on YouTube two years ago.

The first video I saw from Kim was her version of J Holiday’s Bed entitled Make Love and her music is definitely for grown folk, it’s sexy baby making R&B and her vocals on the track are on fire. Listen to it below.

After that, I watched all her videos, subscribed to her channel and waited for her to upload more.

Then came the 21 track mixtape entitled “TomBoy Swag” and I could not get enough of it. She does her own versions of Chris Brown’s Dueces, Trey Songz’s Sex Room and Fugees’ Ready or Not and it is fantastic. She brings her own flavour on these songs and she makes it her own. She also has a nice mix of her own material as well. I have two favourites off this mixtape, Can You feat Trigue and Stripper Pole feat Shawna. When you listen to it you will understand why I say its grown folk music, I’m blushing as I recall the lyrics.

She also has an album ’11’ which has a few songs from the mixtape as well new material and she does not disappoint.

Since then she has released a few new tracks the most recent being Ooh Ooh produced by MajorHitz. You can hear it here

It is a good song, I like it.

I like Kim, not only because she can sing but she is being herself and she is not going to change that for anyone. She is a girl that likes to wear chucks and fitted caps and she was once told in a meeting with a record company that for her to make it in the music industry she would have to change her image and she refused.

She wants to succeed in this industry by being herself so she’s working hard to get her name and her music out there and she has a great team behind her to support her as well as her fans. I believe that the world is sleeping on her because she is so talented. Download her mixtape, buy her album, support her.

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