4 Strings

My journey into electronic dance music was a simple one. It started off with techno and that was really all I knew and I liked some songs, I never was a HUGE fan of anything else. Until a few years ago…

In the Caribbean where I am from, the usual genres of music that infiltrate  the masses are of course Caribbean music such as soca, reggae and then there are the genres we all know and love r&b, hip-hop, pop and the list goes on but not electronic dance music.

But one day, while listening to the radio, I heard this song

And I loved it immediately. So I did my research and learnt that song belonged to the trance genre and it piqued my interest and I started looking for other trance DJs and I discovered Armin, DJ Sasha, Tiesto but 4 Strings really stuck with me.

One interesting thing for me as well was the fact that so many people home began embracing the group. You started hearing it in the streets, the taxis were blasting it and it was getting heavy rotation on the radio and in the clubs.

I soon bought their album Believe and fell in love even more. My favourite songs off that album were definitely Fly Away and Let it Rain

A few weeks after because they were so popular here, one of the club owners brought them down and that was my first trance event. I was so excited! I remember all the fog, my glow sticks and the amazing music that emanated throughout that club. It was surely one of the best moments of my life.

I am so grateful to this group, I know it may sound strange but hearing new music excites me and being introduced to a whole new genre!! it has definitely made such an impact in my life.



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