I only found out about Wynter Gordon’s Doleo EP last week although it was released in July. Doleo which means “Pain” in Latin is the first part of the series of Gordon’s four free EP’s she intends to release which examine the Human Condition. It is expected to explore a different emotion.

I decided to give this eight track EP a listen because I like Gordon and the music she’s used to releasing is totally different to what is on Doleo. The first song I heard from the EP was ‘No Hush’ and I really liked it. It is a sexy song and it has  a bit of a Caribbean feel to it especially the hook and made me want to hear what more she had to offer.

While listening to Doleo I felt a bit nostalgic as I heard songs that were reminiscent of things No Doubt did back in the day as well as the Cranberries and a bit of Enya. It had that old school, rock, pop, Celtic vibe but it was definitely a mature shift to what we are accustomed to hearing from her and it surely shows she is so diverse and I think that is great for any artist.

Some songs worth mentioning

The first song, ‘Giving In’

This is the song that gives me the No Doubt vibe

The fourth, ‘Kids’

It is an interesting song, with the lyrics, “I don’t know who you are anymore, you are a mystery now…you used to be my hero, when we were just kids you loved yourself” I can definitely relate to this, she is singing about how people change and it does pain when we realise that. The music with the lyrics fits perfectly for a well put together song.

The fifth, ‘Bad Thing’

This song is about acknowledging when one makes a mistake in a relationship and it is basically her begging for forgiveness and asking to be friends again.
“I did a bad thing, now I left you with a heartbreak baby…please don’t shut the door, let’s be friends again” Definitely some powerful lyrics.

Overall, Gordon has really impressed  me with her versatility and her vocal skills because the other tracks she is most known for her, you don’t really get the chance to appreciate what an amazing singer she is. Doleo gets an A from me.

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