My Picks (3)

I know I skipped a week, but I didn’t get as many songs as I would have liked but I make up for it this week.

1. I love Pink! that is all I’m going to say. Oh and her new album comes out tomorrow, I can’t wait!

2. I love when two artists that I admire work together. Now, this song seems to have people talking since it was released or leaked yesterday because it’s a song from Colin Munroe and the title of it really is Whatever Became of You. I don’t know what happend or how this got released or leaked but I like it. I must add though I prefer the original.

3. Found this guy from another music blog (Thanks LozzaMusic). I love his style and he has a mixtape which I cannot wait to check out.

4. I must have a trance track in my playlist and this week I have two.

5. A big tune from a BIG BIG DJ.

6. I love this one. I think Cassie is a great artist and I like what she is doing with her music this time around.

Also on my playlist is Lecrae’s latest album Gravity. I’m very excited to listen to it and the review will be up next week.

What are you listening to this week? Comment below and let me know. 🙂

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