Unsung Hero by Colin Munroe







Honestly, I was not sure who Colin Munroe was but in my search for new music, I found one of his songs from his recently released mixtape entitled ‘Unsung Hero’ and it surely piqued my interest and I downloaded the 10 track set and listened to it every day for the entire week and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

This mixtape features some well-known artists including Cassie, Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, K.Flay, Memoryhouse, RZA and Ab-Soul and they all contribute greatly to the songs they are on.

From the first song, I’m hooked and I need to hear more. The song, ‘The Fight of My Life ft Pusha T really impressed me, I love Colin’s voice.

The second track, ‘Over It’, the lyrics caught me, it is something I can relate to and the music with it is perfect. In this song, he sings about getting over the ending of a relationship.

“I kept my soul on the lock and chain, You found the key and I found pain, I’m ok, but never again, Im okay but I’m not the same, That’s alright, I’m over it” whoooo, those lyrics right there! I have surely been there, no doubt about it.

My absolute favourite song off of Unsung Hero? ‘Fucking Amazing’ Although I am not sure how to interpret it because he points out negative things yet he feels “fucking amazing” : ‘my parents call cuz they say i dont call, i cant make calls cuz my phone’s cut off’ and that’s the theme of it throughout so I’m not sure if it’s a sarcastic song or he’s looking on the brighter side of things but whatever he means, I like it.

Overall, I think its good and I am glad that I found out about Mr Munroe and I hope to follow him and see how he develops his craft as the years approach. I will give this mixtape a B+

You can listen to the mixtape here. If you do, comment below and tell me what you think.

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