Music is Love

Music is life. I can’t function without it, it calms me after a long, hard day, it makes me happy, it helps me to think, it just plays a major role in my life and it always has since I was a child.

I’m always curious to hear other people’s experiences with music and recently one friend of mine told me how she uses music to strengthen the bond that she has with her boyfriend.

This friend who I am very close to will now be known as Le Poopsie as I know she will be mentioned in other blogs to come.

Now, Le Poopsie has been in a long distance relationship for four years I think. They do everything one can imagine to ensure their relationship remains fresh and I mean EVERYTHING. I truly admire them especially for the effort they both make to have a long-lasting relationship.

My friend told me she recently started this ritual where every night, she and her boyfriend sit down by their respective computers and share songs that describe how they feel about each other. Isn’t that creative? I’m not sure if people usually do that but it surely intrigued me.

As my friend said:

“music says what we wanna say to each other every day, all day, even when we fighting.”

That statement right there stuck with me and I think what she is doing is something great and I will encourage persons in relationships especially long distance ones to try this and see what it does for their relationship because music is a powerful thing and it can work wonders.

If you decide to try it comment below and let me know how it goes.

If music be the food of love, play on.
William Shakespeare



2 thoughts on “Music is Love

  1. That is true, I do that all the time but just because i want people to hear something I think is a good song. For Le Poopsie’s case it’s for so many other reasons. To express how she feels, to try something new in the relationship and to ensure that the relationship is a long lasting one.

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