My Picks (4)

What am I listening to this week? Check it out, some really interesting picks this week.
1. As a Caribbean girl I love and appreciate my Caribbean music. Let me introduce you to Kes the Band, a group that has not disappointed with the music they bring out every year. As Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival approaches ( I will blog about this soon), the different artists have started releasing their music. This song ‘Real Love’ is sexy and one that I can’t wait to dance to.

2. Only heard about Ro last week and after hearing this track, I am a fan. I love the lyrics and the man can sing!

3. Fat Joe although he has not been consistent for me in the music he brings out, this song caught my attention. Maybe it’s Ashanti’s voice because I’ve really missed it, or Miguel’s voice but whatever it is, I like it.

4. *fans self* I have no words. Just watch and you’ll see why. Warning, it gets a bit *ahem* steamy.

5. Another Caribbean song, reggae singer Tarrus Riley comes hard with this track.

6 and 7. I’ve been waiting patiently to hear songs from the second installment of the Human Condition. This EP is called ‘Sanguine’. Her voice reminds me of Delores from Cranberries mixed with Enya. She released these two tracks last week and I love them both.

8. Dunson’s version of this track is hot. I like his style.

9. Wynter Gordon appears again on this list. This song is a great progressive house track, can’t help but love it.

I’ll also be listening to Jermaine Riley’s mixtape entitled ‘Hello Earth’.

What do you think of my selections? Comment below and let me know.

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