The Investment

I have not written anything in a while, life kind of got in the way these past three weeks but I’m back and I’m featuring hip-hop artiste Dunson and his mixtape, ‘The Investment’.

On his website, Dunson, a Maryland native said he entitled the mixtape, The Investment not only as a play on his previous career-a financial advisor- but when he decided to become a full-time artist, he believes he made the best investment possible, an investment in himself.

I love that in an artist, taking risks and seeing the benefits from all his hard work.

The 12 track ‘Investment’ features artists such as John Legend, Rocki Evans and 360, Lazee and Natalie Imani.

The first song I heard that put me on to Dunson was ‘Used to Know’ where he samples Gotye and Kimbra’s ‘Somebody I Used to Know’. He collaborates with Lazee on this one and the track is wicked. Just like Gotye and Kimbra, the song lyrically relates to a relationship he had. Here’s my favourite part of the song

So do you remember the time we went out last winter. Well i went photoshopping. Cropped your ass out the picture

Yeh…I’ll do something like that…

Moving on, other songs I really enjoyed were Weapon, Warning and It’s Alright

‘The Investment’ has been on my playlist for more than three weeks just because I enjoyed it so much. His style to me is fresh, new and the production of the entire project is excellent. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

Support the artist and download ‘The Investment’ here:

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