I put the exclamation mark in the title because I’m hyped after listening to several songs from this artist, most I have not heard in years.

I decided to feature Sizzla after hearing one of his older songs on the radio and I started thinking about the days when he was HUGE.

I know Wiki is Wacky in the academic world but it’s the only site I can find his biographical information.

According to Wikipedia, Sizzla Kalonji, or simply Sizzla (born Miguel Orlando Collins) of Kingston, Jamaica is one of the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists and is noted for his high number of releases.As of 2011 he had released over 65 solo albums (NO JOKE)

I first heard about Sizzla when I just entered secondary school (high school) and everyone was listening to this guy. Being new, I wanted to “fit in” so I started listening to him as well and I fell in love. It was a time when the conscious music movement was a big thing, everybody wanted to rock the locs they didn’t have and smoke the herb.

Honestly, at 11 I didn’t understand most of what he was talking about when he sang about Babylon, Ethiopa, Haile Selassi and the Rastafari movement but as I got older and learnt about these topics I loved them even more.

Now, Sizzla was always known for his positive, loving music but at some point, he decided to get into dancehall and his lyrics turned from positive to raunchy and loyal Sizzla fans like myself did not appreciate the shift and now for some he has lost his credibility as a conscious artist. It’s sad really but the man has over 65 albums with 80 percent or more filled with his conscious music we can just go back to them and reminisce.

I wanted to share a few of my favourites from Sizzla but I will admit compiling this short list was soooo hard. It took me more than an hour to choose because he has so many good songs. Here is what I chose:

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Sizzla!

  1. It’s more heavier raggae than I’m use to. Bob Marley was my favorite 🙂 but it was interesting to listen to. Thanks for bringing new music to light 🙂

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