My favourite Christmas songs (Trini style)

It is officially the day after Christmas, I wanted to post this yesterday but cooking, eating and sleeping took up a lot of time and I also have a paper to work on that is due soon but enough of the excuses.

I hope you all had a great day. During the Christmas season, most of us listen to the traditional Christmas carols sung over and over by hundreds of artists and in different ways. I thought about sharing my favourite carols but I decided to share my local music instead.

In Trinidad and Tobago, we listen to a genre of music that is called Parang. (My lecturer would not be pleased with this) but according to Wikipedia, Parang is a popular folk music that was brought to Trinidad by Venezuelan migrants who were primarily of Amerindian and African heritage, something which is strongly reflected in the music itself. The word is derived from two Spanish words:’Parranda’, meaning ‘a spree or fête’ and ‘Parar’ meaning ‘to stop’.

In the past, it was traditional for Parang serenaders to pay nocturnal visits to the homes of family and friends, where part of the fun was waking the inhabitants of the household from their beds. Today, a new form of Parang, Soca Parang, has emerged. Soca Parang is a combination of Soca and Parang. Just a quick note, Soca is another genre that originated in Trinidad and Tobago that evolved from calypso, I will talk more about it in a later post.

One noticeable difference between the two is that one is sung in Spanish and the other in English.  There are so many good Parang songs that it is hard to choose but I will share three Parang and then three Soca Parang.

Daisy Voisin was and is still known as the Queen of Parang.




Baron has so many good Soca Parang songs. I love this one because it describes a Trini Christmas so well. I also have an old man crush on him and many people don’t understand why but it doesn’t matter :p


I call this man the Parang King.


My absolute favourite. I remember growing up and seeing this video on television and I laughed every time. It is a classic!


Comment below and let me know what you think.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

6 thoughts on “My favourite Christmas songs (Trini style)

  1. 1. “Listen Mama, I want you to tell Santa Clause …” & 2. “Laughing Children”. Two of the best ole time Trini Christmas songs. Then there is “Anita” too.

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