I wish I could have done this sooner but I had no time unfortunately but I found the time now, so let’s go.

10. Jaden Smith – ‘Cool Cafe’.

I liked this one, just got a bit monotonous at times.











9. Keke Palmer.

Great production and vocals. Can’t wait to hear more music from her.













8. Jermaine Riley – ‘Hello Earth’.

This young man places at number 8 and 7, I really enjoyed his music and I think he has a great voice. I also love that he has so  much music to share with his fans.











7. Jermaine Riley – ‘Ten Eleven Twelve’













6. Ludacris – ‘Gigawatts (Back To The First Time)’

I have forever loved Ludacris’ style and this mixtape was ON FIRE!














5. Fabolous – ‘The Soul Tape 2’.

I really enjoyed this one, Fabolous is one of my favourite rappers and this one was excellently put together and the collaborations were on point. A job well done.









4. Dunson – ‘The Investment’

Discovered this artist by accident and I do not regret it. I loved this mixtape and I await his album.











3. Colin Munroe – ‘Unsung Hero’

Excellent mixtape. Great music, great artist. I could definitely listen to it over and over.

colin munroe unsung hero_png_630x630_q85











2. Wynter Gordon – ‘Doleo’

There are no words I can use to describe this production. Download it and you will hear for yourself.













1. Wish – ‘Me Against Her’

This one just had to be number one. I listened to this for a month and more and I have my started my new year with it. It is just that good. Wish is an amazing artist and I can’t wait for her to blow up and when she does I will be the first in line to get that album.


Comment below and let me know what you think 🙂

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