So What??

I would love to know what my blogging family thinks on this whole issue of Beyonce’s lip synching at the Inauguration last month because as you can tell from the title I do not see what is the big deal. You can correct me if I’m wrong but don’t most artists do that for major live events? As far as I know, they do, so what is the whole issue? Was it because it was the national anthem? Was it because of the event? Or was it really a problem that a star as huge as Beyonce chose to lip sync rather than perform live.

This is the performance if you did not see it

What surprised me were the comments about her after, one would have thought she broke all the laws in the world. The comments and articles totally criticised her and she felt the need to respond and justify why she did it and then prove herself by singing the anthem again, this time live to a bunch of reporters. Really? As far as I see it, she did not need to do that. We all know that Beyonce can sing, why all this drama?

Look at the video below

I truly want to understand what the problem was so leave a comment and let me know.

Oh and if you didn’t see her performance at the Super Bowl check it out here

2 thoughts on “So What??

  1. i’m in agreement! you do not want to take any chances with a once in a lifetime event. there is no doubt she is capable. and at the press conference? wow. just wow. i feel like we’re just trying to find something to talk about sometimes. 😦 –kris

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