Isolation (I/O)

I_O-Photo-608x439 io-isolation2

Artist and producer I/O’s last mixtape ‘Isolation’ was released July last year and yes I am late but I have always been intrigued by this guy (whose real name is Ayo Olatunji). I remember hearing one song off of the project way before I downloaded it entitled ‘Free Times’ and I absolutely loved it. I just didn’t know there was a mixtape that accompanied it which I downloaded late last year. I was even considering scrapping those mixtapes I downloaded last year and listen to the ones that were released this year but I did not and I do not regret it. In my research I found that I/O, is a New York based singer and songwriter whose grandfather was Grammy-winning Nigerian drummer Babatunde Olatunji. He worked with DJ Booth on ‘Isolation’ and he wrote all the songs and produced ten out of the 12 tracks on the mixtape.

This album for me was a mixture of easy listening, R&B and pop, an overall eclectic mix and I/O’s, what I would describe as sexy vocals, really made me enjoy this from beginning to end. I shared one of my favourite songs ‘We’ll Always Be” with a friend who I will refer to as Black Mamba. His first reaction was and I must quote him, “yooo where did he get those beats from?” That was my exact reaction when I listened to the first two tracks, the beats are fresh and again his vocals just add more to the songs making it an even more enjoyable listening experience.

My favourite songs from ‘Isolation’ include ‘Fast/Freetimes’ and ‘Strangers’. Overall great mixtape and I will encourage everyone who is willing to listen to something new and different to download it.
If you are interested you can stream and download ‘Isolation’ below.

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