Audrey Hepburn: An Audovisual Presentation

Chrisette Michele Audrey Hepburn

Interesting title huh? It’s Chrisette Michele’s mixtape which she released December 2012. I only got a chance to listen to it this past week and as much as I like Chrisette, I did not enjoy it right away, maybe I was distracted or it just took a while to hit me but after the second listening it was a mixtape on repeat.

I love Chrisette’s voice and on this project you get a little bit of jazz, soul and R&B all in one. In my research to find out what inspired this mixtape, I found an interview with fuse TV where she broke it down. Chrisette explained that growing up her mother always sang showtunes and she played music from ‘My Fair Lady’ starring Audrey Hepburn and that was what she would hear all through the house. She also loved Audrey’s fashion sense and with that she wanted to learn more about the actress. Chrisette said she followed Audrey’s steps through Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam and learnt a lot about her.

My favourite songs from the mixtape are Rich Hipster, Love in the Afternoon (a very sexy song even though as she said it is a song about “behaving yourself”), Can the Cool Be Loved, Kurdista and Pray for Me. Five out of the nine tracks that are on it, not bad for someone who was not instantly impressed with it. In the interview she explains what she means by a Rich Hipster and even sings Can the Cool be Loved acapella.

Check out the interview below and download Audrey Hepburn: An Audovisual Presentation here if you haven’t already.

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