Stephanie Nicole – Voices (EP)

Stephanie Nicole - Voices EP - cover

Remember Stephanie Nicole? If you are not familiar with her, read my first post about her and her amazing music here.

On May 31, 2013, Stephanie released her four-track EP, ‘Voices’ with all songs written by her and composed, recorded and mixed by Classroom Craig. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. It has this relaxing, soothing vibe combined with very positive lyrics which is very refreshing to hear.

Track by Track

1. ‘Soulutionary One’ has been a favourite of mine since I first heard it in April. In the song, she proposes that we are all connected, that we have the solutions to our problems within us, and that our decisions are changing the world.

2. ‘Buddha in Aruba’ is one of those songs that could be an anthem for those in society who are perceived to be different. She encourages the “black sheep” to “rise, stand tall, stand proud…be true to you, avoid those who don’t have the best intentions.”

3. ‘Just Love Her’ makes you think about what we take for granted when it comes to mother nature. She sings about the sunset, the ocean, the mountains and with the almost haunting hook “would you miss her then?” really puts things into perspective.

4. ‘Voices’ is simply a beautiful love song.

I give Voices a 4 out of 5.

A full-length LP entitled, “Soulutionary One” will be released later this year.

Support Stephanie Nicole and buy and download the EP here

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