Luke James – Whispers in the Dark


Luke James has been an artist that I’ve admired since his first single, ‘I Want You’ from his EP #Luke in late 2011. The way he delivered those lyrics, “I was just a broken record of a one night stand, until you came along, with your beautiful soul, you saved me…” It really stuck with me.

His second project, ‘Whispers in the Dark’ was released on December 12, 2012 and I know I’m almost six months late but hey, better late than never.

This 11-track mixtape tells a story of love, sex and heartbreak, everything most of us can relate to. Luke tells this story with sexy vocals and passionate, loving, hard-hitting lyrics, overall a great production.

Favourite Tracks

Hurt Me – The intro to this song, with the saxophone makes me think of standing in an alley surrounded by fog as I sing this song. Luke sings about wanting someone who his friends tell him is no good for him but he disagrees. He sings that he could walk away but it is worth the pain and he pleads, “hurt me baby, drive me crazy, hurt me baby”. Whooo, the way Luke delivers this, you can feel his emotions through the entire song.

Heartbeat – This is the second sexiest song on this mixtape and my absolute favourite. The breathing, the heartbeat and his vocals are amazing in this especially at the end when he hits several high notes.

Strawberry Vapors- Love the name of this, and the chorus is addictive.

Mo’ Better Blues- Luke’s inspiration for this song was Spike Lee’s film Mo Better Blues starring Denzel Washington. This is THE sexiest song on this mixtape just by the way he delivered this soulful piece of music and its lyrics.

I also enjoyed the interludes which features various conversations with a woman. From my experience, interludes kill the flow of some albums but not this one. It worked well.

Since this mixtape, Luke has been working on his debut album ‘Made to Love’ which will be released July 16, 2013. He has since released two singles, ‘Make Love to Me’ and ‘I.O.U’ which has me hyped for his album.

Stream and download Whispers in the Dark here

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