Chris Brown feat Aaliyah – Don’t Think They Know (Official Video)


I missed seeing Aaliyah’s face in music videos, even if it is a hologram, it still makes me smile.

Chris Brown released his official video for ‘Don’t Think They Know’ today and while I am not the biggest fan of it, I do like the song mostly because of its 90s vibe.

The video is mostly shot in black and white with shots of red and blue as it focuses on rival gangs maybe settling their differences. The video begins with a quote that a child dies of a gunshot wound in America every two hours and then a quote from “not CB, just Christopher” “Unity is what we are afraid of, so fear is insanity, let’s love each other.” At the end he pays tribute to Aaliyah and fellow artist Lil Frogg who was shot and killed earlier this year. Lil Frogg was a mutual friend of Chris Brown and the Game who I believe I saw making a cameo in the video.

Overall this video left me confused but maybe it is just me.

Check it out below and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Chris Brown feat Aaliyah – Don’t Think They Know (Official Video)

  1. Like you, I was confused watching the video and listening to the show. I get that he wanted to spread “unity” and have the anti-violence message but it doesn’t add up with the song. Not to mention using Aaliyah’s vocals seem more like an attempt to get press for the song/album than actually enhancing the song. Idk about Chris with this album; “Fine China” left me with the “Oh, that’s all?” feeling and this has me in a “Stop wasting my damn time” sort of mode.

    • Yesss, I was not impressed with Fine China either. I did like Talib’s touch on it and I felt that Talib should have done the entire song as he did more with it than Chris Brown.
      Shrug, I’m in the same mode that you are in at this point.

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