Aosoon – Under



This song…

These vocals….

Absolutely breathtaking…

According to their website,

“Marisa Hylton, (vocalist/guitarist) and Manny Folorunso (bassist) are a duo from London and together they make the entity which is AOSOON (A Lot Of Something Out of Nothing). The two have an interesting approach to storytelling through music that resonates with everyday life. AOSOON have been together for a year and have managed to generate an interest through their first single “SKINNY STRONG”. The band are currently working on their debut E.P entitled¬† “What Is This About” which is set to be out Summer 2013.”

I can’t wait to hear that EP!

What do you think? Comment below and let me know.


Aosoon’s Official Website

Aosoon on Soundcloud

Aosoon on Twitter

Aosoon on YouTube

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