Baltimore meets LA on E Major’s ‘Baltimore Bruin’


“I’m like Boom Bap rap sipping a whiskey on the beach at sunset.”

That is how E Major describes his musical style.

E Major is a Los Angeles based, Baltimore bred hip-hop artist who is getting ready to drop his album ‘Baltimore Bruin’. He talks to Music is My Life and tells us that listeners can look forward to a mix of musical influences.

“I’m a scholar of old school shit but I love new shit too, so it’s like a little bit of both all mixed around,” he said.

E Major said when he started working on the project, he was making the transition to the west coast as he decided, two years ago, to move from his hometown in Baltimore to Los Angeles. He said, this, has influenced the sound of the album. According to him it has the “hardworking, blue collar perspective of Baltimore with the chilled out L.A. vibes.”

“When I started I was really just doing what I always do, making music and vibing off the beats I got. But you just can’t help life sneaking into your art and as I was making the move I noticed the soundscape of the album changing. And so I let that take the front seat and let that inspire my lyrics and content,” he said.

E Major has since released the first single and video for, ‘Feature Presentation’ and the feedback from the fans has been great. According to him, the song is about coming up in the rap world and stepping on the stage for the main event. In the video which he directed, he wanted to show both sides of that coin.

“You see the hard working folks that make the world go around and then you see the Chinese Theater and the Hollywood sign and you see the contrast between the working world and the glamor and glitz of Los Angeles,” he said.

When asked if there were any challenges he experienced while putting this project together E Major said, getting to the finish line.

“Getting into the studio and vibing and recording and even shooting the videos and all that; that’s fun. The tough stuff is tying it up at the end. The final mixes, the mastering, the final edits, making the clean versions, sequencing the album; this type of shit isn’t sexy. It’s work. It’s not the fun part. So that’s always the challenge when you’re trying to make an album,” he said.

For the 12 track project, E Major co-produced with half of the duo of The Away Team, Khrysis and Roddy Rod of the Low Budget Crew, as well as August Flight Gordon, Eddie and illMeasured. Fans can expect to hear collaborations with several artists including King Mez, Kaimbr, Kane Mayfield and Rome Cee.

The official release date”Baltimore Bruin” is September 2, 2013.

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