Adrian Marcel – ‘My Life’


Four months after releasing his debut mixtape ‘7 Days of Weak’, Adrian Marcel has released his first video for the track ‘My Life’.

It is a beautiful song that was produced by Beatroc and legendary artist Raphael Saadiq who calls Marcel his protege.

In the song, Marcel sings,

‘They say all the good things fade, looking at my past they right
But I swear you came my way, like an angel fell from the sky, no lie
Loving you the way you are, made a place in my heart for love
And I can never see us falling apart
We got that kind of fix it up kind of love
And girl, I don’t mind giving you nothing
Cause in the lowest once of my life
You made me feel like it’s something”

The video directed by Phil the God shows Marcel singing to the camera and there is also footage of him performing the song to a very enthusiastic crowd. You also see some shots of him in studio with Saadiq who executively produced the entire mixtape.

It is great to see Marcel’s career gaining momentum and with Saadiq guiding him, he is going to reach very far.

Check out the video below

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