Hotel Books – ‘Empty Courage / Empty Heart’

hotel books

“Empty Courage / Empty Heart” is the first single by Hotel Book featuring a brand new line up and sound. Traditionally, Hotel Books has taken a very simple approach to spoken word music, featuring simply Cam Smith on vocals accompanied by ambient soundscape guitar. With the addition of Jonny Blackwell (of Mediaskare outfit Creations) as well as ex-Creations frontman Michael Foss, Hotel Books is exploring a full band sound featuring a strong post-rock backbone but still carried by spoken-word vocals and ambient tones.

The two songs featured on the band’s upcoming split release with Endure are a preview of what is to be expected for the all new Hotel Books full-length release, their first full-length release since 2011’s Call Me Human. The lyrical content of the split EP explores the concept of light entering darkness and being restored through heartache. “Empty Courage / Empty Heart” is a monologue directed at a man who abandoned his girlfriend years prior when she became pregnant. Cam’s heartbreaking vocal style cuts through the ambient skeleton proclaiming “Come home, prodigal father, you can always walk that straight line.”

This was powerful.

Listen here



Hotel Books’ official website

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