Mario – ‘L.S.D.’

marioThe latest single from R&B crooner Mario is sexy. ‘L.S.D.’ is one of those songs that one can definitely get addicted to.

He sings,

Don’t be scared to put it right there on the tip of my tongue…i know you are not afraid of that…Love, Sex and Drugs

and the accompanying smooth beat makes the song even sexier. L.S.D is Mario’s third single from his upcoming album ‘Evolve’ and I am looking forward to whenever it comes out (the release date has been pushed back to an unknown date) It has been a while since Mario has released music that I really enjoy and I’m glad he is back and that he is bringing R&B to the level where it should be.

Listen to the song below


What do you think?


I am liking what I hear from him so far

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