Dorean Lives breathes life into alternative music with ‘A Cold Fire From The One I Loved’

dlI have listened to this album for some time now not just because I wanted to review it, but because I enjoyed it so much. It has been a few years since I’ve listened to an entire rock/alternative album. I just have not been impressed with the genre recently, everything now comes with a trap beat or a dub step, or it just sounds way too popish. I understand music needs to evolve but sometimes you just want to hear good old rock music and this album gave me that.

Dorean Lives released the 12 track ‘A Cold Fire From The One I Loved’ on November 5. It was pieced together over a series of three years and was nearly sidelined by the cycling through of over eight different members, loss of recording funds, and health issues in this span.
According to their Facebook page, Dorean Lives is based in Birmingham, AL. Singer/Songwriter Logan Freeman created the band as a tool to deal with loss, but it quickly evolved into an audio/film project to create a fully immersive world where the stories found in the songs live and breathe.
There are also plans to make the album more than a listening experience but as an artistic event with a series of short films to be released throughout the remainder of the year.

The story spans across 12 music videos and 3 short films, giving fans an experience they’ll take with them the rest of their life.

My review:

I truly enjoyed the entire album but there were three songs that really stood out for me

Shiver Breathe Repeat – This track holds your attention the minute the guitar starts to play, then the drums and when the vocals come in, it becomes a track so filled with energy, you just can’t help but to headbang.

Fated to Repeat- This song kind of reminds me of Blink 182/Simple Plan. It is a song that lovers of the traditional side of the genre will enjoy. I’ve played this song over 50 times and I am not bored of it yet.

Two Doves- The guitar in this track is amazing and it ties in perfectly with Logan’s vocals to create a song that has become one of my absolute favourites.

This album definitely did not disappoint and I encourage lovers of the genre to buy it, you will not regret it.

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3 thoughts on “Dorean Lives breathes life into alternative music with ‘A Cold Fire From The One I Loved’

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