Maryann Vasquez’s ‘Due’ is “lyrically breathtaking”

MARYANNVASQUEZ-DUE-t500x500Maryann is a relatively new artist but if you listen to her debut EP, you would think she has been in the game for years.

According to her bio on her official website, Maryann Vasquez is an American singer-songwriter from Providence, RI. Born to Dominican parents Vasquez was brought up with an array of musical influences including Juan Luis Guerra, Luis Miguel and Mana as well as American artists such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Due is lyrically breathtaking as the songs go straight to the heart and together with sensual bass hits and Maryann’s incredible voice, this EP and this artist have blown my mind. It is 15 minutes of really good music.

My favourite track? ‘Turn You Down’

When you hear those lyrics:

“Like voodo, you had control of me, who knew, one day I’ll be letting you go…now look at me turn you down”¬†

If you have gone through a heartbreak, it would sound all too familiar. Maryann even said on her Facebook page that there was a time when she was so broken hearted when she wrote the song. You could tell in the way she sings it, the way she tells that story.

Stream Due below

I am now a huge supporter of Maryann and I will spread this music as far as I can to as many people as I can, her music is THAT good.

Support the artist and purchase the EP on iTunes here



Maryann Vasquez official website

Maryann Vasquez on Facebook

Maryann Vasquez on Twitter

Maryann Vasquez on Soundcloud


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