Views and reviews on the Red Light Concert Series

rlcsIt has been a week since R&B superstars R Kelly and Ne-Yo performed in Trinidad alongside local acts Machel Montano and the Asylum Vikings and from all reports it was an enjoyable show for some and a disappointment for others.

I spoke to a few people who attended the concert, and there were differing views of who gave a better performance. Some said R Kelly showed Ne-Yo who was boss, while others felt he was disrespectful in the way he addressed some of the women in the audience. A few Ne-Yo fans said he was the best of the night while others felt he did not connect with his audience. Then there was the rain. Those who paid $1,800.00 TTD ($281.00 USD) were left soaked because the organisers of the event did not consider the possible change in the weather so there were no tents which left the patrons exposed to the elements while those who paid way less, were placed in covered stands so they were dry while they enjoyed the performances.

People also pointed out that not many people attended the concert as there were several empty seats left at the Hasely Crawford stadium

You can take a look at the reviews given by the three daily newspapers and form your own opinion.

Trinidad Guardian : ‘Ne-Yo wows crowd at Redlight concert’

Trinidad Newsday: ‘Ne-Yo, R Kelly, soca and rain’,186012.html

Trinidad Express: ‘Local acts save Red Light Concert…R Kelly disappoints’




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