Roxanne Jones – ‘Living A Lie’

roxanne jonesI love when I get an email filled with good music. It’s like Christmas.

Listen to this amazing song first and I’ll tell you about the artist after.

Born and raised in Toxteth, Roxanne’s ‘Living A Lie’ is a story of despair and deceit entwined in a melody so sorrowful, to the beat of a heart that can only be broken, this track tells the pained tale of ultimate betrayal.

As well as being a gifted musician, Roxanne combined her music with study, gaining a qualification in Health and Social care at Hugh Bird College, a true triple threat with brains, beauty and talent. With music always being the number one passion, Roxanne signed to R-ola productions in 2012 and has already co written her debut album ready to unleash onto the music scene in 2014.

This song takes you on an emotional roller-coaster and Roxanne’s voice leaves you mesmerised.

What do you think?

Comment below and let me know.


Roxanne Jones on Twitter

Roxanne Jones on Soundcloud

Roxanne Jones on YouTube


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