Tessanne Chin brings Jamaica to the Voice



Last night, Tessanne Chin impressed the judges after another performance on the Voice. The Jamaican songstress sang No Doubt’s hit tune ‘Underneath It All’ featuring fellow Jamaican, the Dancehall Queen, Lady Saw.

Tessanne brought the Jamaican vibes as she sang and danced surely making her country proud. Even Lady Saw showed her support after the performance.


Last week, Christina Aguilera in her critique of Tessanne’s performance said she wanted to hear more of Tessanne, more of her Jamaican side and after hearing her perform last night, Christina was obviously pleased. She later said, “I heard something I was searching for.”

Some felt Adam’s song choice for Tessanne was not the greatest but I personally felt it was a really good one. We got to see HER, we got to see what more she can bring to the music world because we all know the girl can sing, she has shown that many times but last night those “irie vibes” she brought to the show, I think really put her over the edge in the competition.

Tonight, we will see if she is chosen to be in the Top 6.

In the meantime, check out the performance below and if you like what you hear, you can purchase the song on iTunes

If you want to further help Tessanne get into the Top 6, check out these voting options below


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