“Songs that rocked the Dancehall”



I saw this article on the Jamaica Observer today about the songs that ruled the Dancehall genre this year and most of them I agree with and I just wanted to share the songs that I like.

(1) One Drop QQ

The first one is from QQ, this was one that really had you moving when you heard it in the club or at a party and many of us would have tried to do that one drop dance. Check it out.

(2) Smile Jamaica Chronixx

Chronixx is my number one artist for 2013. I got the opportunity to see him perform this year and I can’t wait to see him again. This song is definitely one of my favourites.

(5) Vybz Kartel School

Although he is in jail, he continues to release music. This song was a good one. Using a dub beat, he sent a positive message to the youth. Listen

(6) Macka Diamond Dye Dye

As the article said, not many people know what she means by Dye Dye but it definitely was a favourite this year. Take note, this is the raw (unclean) version.

(8) Popcaan Unruly Rave

Popcaan is an artist I really like and this song was a huge hit this year

(9) Major Lazer/Busy Signal Watch Out fi Dis

For me, anything Major Lazer touches, is a BIG CHUNE and this one was no different.
(10) Aidonia Bruki
Definitely one of my favourites this year, a great dance tune.


What are your thoughts on these songs?

Do you have any favourites that did not make the list?

Comment below and let me know.


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