20. Tessanne Chin – ‘Underneath It All’


When Tessanne had to sing this song, many people were not happy with it but I was excited because I knew what she could have done with it and when she was finished, this song became an absolute favourite for me and many others.

Watch: YouTube

19. Waveracer – ‘Rock U Tonite’ (Sable Remix)


I’ve never enjoyed a remix so much but when that beat drops, it completely blows your mind then comes the synths. Kaboom!

18. Stephanie Nicole – ‘Soulutionary One’

StephanieNicole2Stephanie’s music makes my heart smile. This is the song I would play when I just need to tune everything out and relax. I thoroughly enjoyed her EP and I’m awaiting her album.

Listen : Soundcloud

17. Fantasia – ‘Lose to Win’


Fantasia uses a classic melody to sing her heart out on this. A real good song, and with this album, Fantasia showed her fans she was back in full form!

Watch: YouTube

16. Savoy and Bright Lights – ‘I Dare You’

sblidyThis song has everything in it to make it a perfect EDM track, from the great vocals, to the wicked synths and energetic basslines. You just can’t help but get up and dance.

Listen: YouTube

15. Luke James – ‘I.O.U’


This song has really stuck with me, the man’s music is the TRUTH!

Watch : YouTube

14. Chronixx – ‘Here Comes Trouble’

Chronixx during his performance in Trinidad.  PHOTO BY YOHANCE SIMONETTE

Chronixx during his performance in Trinidad. PHOTO BY YOHANCE SIMONETTE

You just can’t help but love what this man is trying to do with his music. The man with a message!

Watch: YouTube

13. Bunji Garlin – ‘Differentology’

Bunji_Garlin_DifferentologyThis man’s achievements in 2013 has made me so proud to be a Trini. I have been a fan of his for many years and I’m happy that he has begun getting international recognition for his amazing work. This song alone has brought him so much success, success that I know will continue in 2014.

Watch : YouTube

12. London Grammar – ‘Wasting My Young Years’


This enchanting sound. This haunting video. This amazing group. Love!

Watch : YouTube

11. Wale ft Tiara Thomas – ‘Bad’


It’s a sexy song that Tiara’s voice was perfect for. That Rihanna remix couldn’t touch it. Sorry Ri Ri.

Watch : YouTube

10. Revaughn – ‘Best Friend’


Revaughn came out in 2013 with this track and just killed it! The In Studio Version is even better

Watch : YouTube

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