Madeaux – The Way EP (feat. Molly Williams) // Free Download

This EP is on repeat right now.


A great producer and an amazing vocalist can only mean you are going to hear some really good music.

Madeaux released his two-track EP a few hours ago through Syzygy Records.

Syzygy’s describes Madeaux as a young melodically-rich producer hailing from Miami, Florida. “His unique palette of atmosphere, texture and soul combined with ethereal synth work is turning the heads of even the most seasoned musicians worldwide.”

Everything they have described, you can hear in this EP.

The first track, ‘The Way’, starts off with a beautiful intro and as it continues, the track keeps getting better and better as he uses a touch of synths and Molly Williams amazing vocals.

The second, ‘Ten Things’, is different to the first, as the tempo is a bit faster. The intro in this one is good too but when you hear that beat drop, listen out for what Madeaux does with those…

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