Logan Freeman on first album: “We’re going to make sure the world hears this thing…one way or another.”


Last year, I reviewed an album called ‘A Cold Fire From The One I Loved’ from the band, Dorean Lives. It is an album that renewed my love for the alternative genre and I know once more people hear them, they are going to be HUGE. You can read the review here.

In an emailed interview with vocalist, Logan Freeman, who is the only original member of the band, explains the name of the band came about as a method of coping as it originates from the pseudonym of his late girlfriend Jessica Howard, who wrote poetry under the name “Lady Dorean”

“Dorean Lives comes from the fact that through her faith, through music, through the people that she helped change when she was on this Earth, she’ll never truly die.”

The band is made up for five members who are Logan, Jeff Leng, Micah Rector, Payten Lowrey and Will Stewart

(From left) Jeff Leng, Michah Rector, Logan Freeman, Payten Lowry and Will Stewart

(From left) Jeff Leng, Michah Rector, Logan Freeman, Payten Lowry and Will Stewart

As the only original member of the band, Logan considers himself lucky for finding a great group of guys who he says fully believe and support the vision and sound of the band.

‘A Cold Fire From The One I Loved’ is the band’s first album. Logan said the band has released singles here and there but they never managed to get an album out there.

Commenting on the production of the album, Logan credited producer Joseph McQueen for helping them put it all together.

“McQueen (is) a guy who knows exactly what it takes to make a great song.  Working with Joe taught me how to cut the fat off the song to make it direct and powerful when it needs to be. He’s a melody machine, through and through, and stuck by the project for the 3+ years it took to come up with funds and record all of the songs.”
As I said before, I thoroughly enjoyed this 12-track album but there were three songs that are really my favourites – ‘Shiver Breathe Repeat’, ‘Fated to Repeat’ and ‘Two Doves’. Asked what were his favourites, Logan admitted that he loved every single one.
“We didn’t bring a couple dozen songs to the table and pick which one…we made each song as powerful as we could make it at the time. I don’t believe in extraneous waste…extra songs…everything or nothing is the only way. If I had to pick one, the track the album is named after is the one that means the most to me. A Cold Fire From The One I Loved sums up why I have to keep making music in the first place.”
Logan says the response to the album since its release November last has been overwhelmingly positive and their goal now was to figure out how to get more people to listen to it.
“Otherwise it’s just going to float around in some sort of purgatory of awesome albums that never got pushed like it should. We’re going to make sure the world hears this thing…one way or another.”
Since this interview, the band has released a video for its single ‘Shores’
It’s more than six minutes long but it tells a story. Logan said it was the band’s plan to make 11 music videos and short films with one big story unfolding over the whole album.
If you like what you hear, and I know you would, head on over to iTunes here



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