St. Ans speaks the truth on ‘The Silent Majority’

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St. Ans is a Trinidad and Tobago based rapper and I’ll be honest, this is the first “Trini” rap production I have listened to in its entirety and I was not disappointed.

When I first got the link to download it, I did not know what to expect because in the past many locally based Hip-Hop artists tend to adopt an American accent which makes their music sound forced and fake but from the moment I clicked play, I heard that “Trini accent” and that made me very happy. Putting the accents aside, this EP is well produced, with banger beats and St. Ans brings that slow and deliberate style of rap that makes every line he spits out crystal clear.There was no need to skip any songs because every single one on this 12-track EP was great.

I’ll just share some of my favourites here.

‘Wake Up Call’ – As he raps, “Ah tell yuh stop sleeping on me” I could not agree more. St.Ans is mostly known in the underground Hip-Hop scene but his music is good enough to be played on radio. Too bad, those on the radio stations only support one genre of music. People are missing out on talent like this.

‘As Long As The Villain Wins’ – In this track he raps that he isn’t the stereo’s type. Addressing the fact that radio stations don’t play his music and artists like him. He also also addresses the accent issue. He raps that he overheard someone saying Trinis should rap in their accents, but this someone basically has no credibility to say anything. “You sound like a tree in the forest, no body hears when it drops. Ain’t produce a hit for anybody yet”. BUP BUP!!

‘F-Major’ – My absolute favourite song from this EP. Even though it is my favourite, I still get angry when I listen to it because it’s a great song that can do well mainstream and you can’t hear this on the radio, not even once.

‘Third World Problem’ – As the song says, he shares the reality of what is happening in Trinidad and Tobago but it is applicable to many countries around the world. When I say he speaks the truth on this EP, I’m not kidding.

To my fellow Trinis who visit this site, I urge you to support St. Ans and other artists like him because you are missing out on some great music.

Stream and download the EP here

Want to know more about the artist? Check out this interview below


St. Ans on Twitter

St. Ans on YouTube

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