REVIEW : Darian Renee’s ‘The Other Side of Someday’ EP

Darian renee otherside EP frontIt’s been a month since singer and songwriter Darian Renee released her EP, ‘The Other Side of Someday’ and it is still one of my favourites on my very lengthy playlist.

The first song I heard off of the seven track EP was, ‘Partners in Crime’, an enjoyable pop tune that I could not stop singing and dancing along to and if you have me playing a song more than once, I’m a fan, no doubt about that.

According to her bio, Darian’s of Boise, ID music is known for channeling refreshingly honest testimony through candid lyricism as well as expressing relentlessly energetic showmanship through catchy, expertly crafted composition.

Going through the EP, I can pinpoint two more songs that were my absolute favourite.

Close – It’s the first track and it is the perfect song to begin the EP as you are properly introduced to her voice and you get to appreciate her amazing vocal abilities.

Sleepwalking – I think this song would be perfect for her next single, it’s a song that pop music fans would love.

Overall, ‘The Other Side of Someday’ is a fun EP with songs that you will love to sing along to, I definitely recommend it.

Click here to purchase Darian’s EP

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