Eriel Indigo – ‘Innocence’ (Official Music Video)

eriel indigoI am sure, once Eriel Indigo’s music spreads, it is going to be playing EVERYWHERE!

Eriel is a Northern Cali-bred, LA-based indie-pop songstress who specializes in creating genre-bending “conscious pop”.

The Ryan Gregory Phillips directed video for ‘Innocence’ is the first session in a multi-episodic music film series that invites viewers into a new vision for life and art on Earth, while introducing the vibrational story of GALACTIVATE, Eriel Indigo’s forthcoming debut album.

The video is something out of this world, it’s different, it’s funky and I like it. The song itself, is so catchy, I can’t get it out of my head but then again why would I want to.



Eriel Indigo’s official website

Eriel Indigo on Facebook

Eriel Indigo on Twitter

Eriel Indigo on Soundcloud


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