Stefanie Larmie – ‘Walking On My Own’

Stefanie-Larmie-Press-IIStefanie Larmie’s voice is so refreshing, her style is something I haven’t heard much of and it is very welcomed in this crazy world of music.
Stefanie is a British Ghanaian acoustic Soul singer, songwriter and musician from London.
Her brand new single ‘Walking On My Own’ produced by award-winning Ghanaian composer Richie Mensah, is a brilliantly emotive, beautifully written and uplifting acoustic affair. The song is Larmie’s debut offering and the lead single from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Luv Cycle’ due to be released in 2015.
With a style of music mostly influenced by Neo Soul, R&B and African-inspired sounds, Stefanie describes her music as ‘Afro-Coustic’, because of her trademark acoustic performances, a penchant for acoustic music which allows her to showcase her genuine love for music, and her African heritage which she tries to weave into her music.
Watch the fun and colouful lyric video created by Stefanie herself for ‘Walking On My Own’ below

If you like what you hear, head on over to iTunes here and support the artist.


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