solowYou have to appreciate when an artist offers music lovers something different, something they aren’t used to hearing and that’s what singer/songwriter SEIDS is doing on her single, ‘Solow’ ‘Solow’ is a wicked tune that gives the listener a catchy hook, a beat you can’t help but move to and lyrics that women can definitely relate to. About the track : “Solow is a reflection of the independent 20 something female making a mark in today’s generation. This track uses a deliberate driving tempo to express sudden impulses, denials and questions geared towards self-worth, future standing and what it means to be successful. SEIDS announces a declaration to balance emotions over relationship status, confessing a war over the fast paced city frustrations of the unfulfilling hook up culture”

About the artist:
“A compelling pop artist, SEIDS pulls you in with a climatic flair and unforgettable melodies. Writing from her experiences living in Brooklyn, and working around the world, SEIDS promises a genuine experience. Teaming up with producer Mike Irish for her debut EP Portraits of an Echo, the duo delivers deliberate contagious rhythms with a defined message.”
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