Daveit Ferris – ‘A TASTE OF 365 SPARKS‘ EP

365Projects like this make me thankful that I started this blog. Earlier this month, Daveit Ferris reached out to me to share this project that he began after a near death experience.

That near death experience left him with an overwhelming feeling that life was so short and the window to be creative was so small, and he believes that inspired him to stop planning and just do and it was on his hospital bed that he conceived this entire project.

Daveit, a musician from Derry, Northern Ireland has been writing and recording an original song every day since the beginning of this year. He will be releasing a song a day next year hence the name, ‘365 Sparks’.

If that isn’t amazing by itself, Daveit, besides writing and singing, produces, mixes and masters the work by himself at his home studio. He says that allows him to be very focused.

Now his story is something else, but when I clicked play on the first track of the 5-track EP, I was blown away. It is really good rock music and it deserves to be heard.

Enjoy the taste and when you’re done, click that free download button.


Daveit Ferris official website

Daveit Ferris on Twitter

Daveit Ferris on Facebook

Daveit Ferris on Soundcloud

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