Amilcar Sanatan – Find It Now [Bunji Garlin Tribute]

amilcar sanatan

Photo courtesy Facebook


I have to share another talented Trinbagonian on my page.

Amilcar Sanatan, a poet, writer, singer has released a song, a tribute to one of our Soca stars, Bunji Garlin. Readers of this blog will be familiar with Bunji as I’ve posted about him a few times. (Read here, here, here, and here :D) As you can see, I’m a fan and so is Amilcar. He shares the memories he has growing up listening to Bunji’s music, going to his shows in a very fun catchy song. He explains, on his YouTube, why he chose to sing a tribute to the Soca artist.

“Too often we celebrate our heroes when they are gone. And too often they are only made visible and valid to us when crowds across seas and overseas put the spotlight on them before us. This song honours the work Bunji Garlin has done in his lifetime, as well as speaks to his long career and contribution to the soca art form throughout the years. I remember when my father bought me the Black Spaniard CD Album while I was a secondary school student in Barbados (and the lyrics I stole in school battles…#Desperado). And hey! Who can forget the Uncle Bunji sessions in Arima? Hopefully, the successes of our everyday cultural heroes can inspire the youth of Trinidad and Tobago to work hard, find their star and make possible what the naysayers/haters called our impossible dreams.”

Well said my friend.

Listen to the song below


Amilcar Sanatan on Facebook

Amilcar Sanatan on Twitter

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