REVIEW: Summon the Octopi – nonversations

Summon the Octopi’s debut EP ‘Nonversations’ which released last month under Sober Up Records is one of my top EPs for the year.

Marc Vogler makes up this one man band from Berlin, Germany writing, playing and recording all instruments that you hear on this six-track EP.

Listening to it over and over, I hear a bit of Nirvana, a bit of Maybeshewill in the music Marc creates. Each instrument he plays gets its spotlight, none is overshadowed by the other. You can’t listen to this EP just a few times, because everytime you play it you tend to hear something new.

My favourites?

Slobodan The Sloth – This track starts slow then out of nowhere you get the guitars that makes you just want to head bang and then it’s over and all you want to do is put it on repeat.

Rehabosaurus Rex – This is the only song on the EP where you hear singing and I’m guessing it’s Marc. I like it, it comes as a surprise to hear it but it fits well on the EP as it’s short and sweet.

Lulling Waves, Sullen Gaze (All Is Space) – The cymbals and guitar are very dominant on this one but it fits perfectly making it a great way to end the EP.

My only complaint is that there weren’t enough tracks. I could’ve listened to a whole lot more.

Stream the EP below

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Summon the Octopi on Facebook

Summon the Octopi on Twitter

Summon the Octopi’s official website

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