Brika – “Voice Memos”


I am very excited to listen to one of my favourite artists’ for 2014, debut album, “Voice Memos.”

I fell in love with Brika’s music a few months ago and I couldn’t wait for her to drop her album. Voice Memos was created through the teamwork between the artist and six-time Grammy and Latin Grammy winning producer/composer Julio Reyes Copello. Recorded in Reyes Copello’s new Miami studio, the Art House, and released by his independent label Art House Records, Voice Memos is the culmination of a three-year artist development journey. Reyes Copello empowered Brika to follow her artistic intuition with absolute creative freedom and because of his years of experience working with artists like Marc Anthony, Nelly Furtado, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer Lopez, Reyes Copello was able to perfectly decode Brika’s sonic identity (music that is edgy, chill, and simple) from feeling to reality. Brika realized through their creative process that she wanted the album to capture all the experiences she was going through. Because Brika communicated to Reyes Copello her musical ideas through phone voice memos, they decided to incorporate a few of over two thousand into the album, including three that were recorded at the same moment the songs were first written. Voice Memos is an invitation into the intimate creative space usually reserved for songwriters and producers.

“At the end of it all I wanted Voice Memos to be a reflection of what the last two years of experiences, lessons, and stories were to me. I wanted listeners to experience the transformation of voice memo to song with the same naïvety I had.” Brika

Stream the album below :


Support this amazing artist and purchase the album on iTunes. You will NOT regret it!


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