Mennska & Mas Tropical – ‘Won’t Come Home’


Deep house duo Mennska and hypemachine-storming Mas Tropical have teamed up to give music lovers a groovy tropical tune.
About the song: “This original brings you soothing instrumentation complemented by Ewan McFarlane’s melancholy chronicling of the deterioration of a relationship and moves you as much as it beckons you to reflect in silence. Unique and captivating, this tune redefines the genre and brings deep tropical house with a winter chill.”
Mennska, a Scottish and Norwegian duo, constantly deliver cutting edge and unpredictable house music while Mas Tropical creates tropical sounds heavily influenced by both classical and contemporary African, Caribbean and Latin rhythms.
I think their styles complement each other and I hope they collaborate again in the near future because what they do together is simply amazing.
Listen below


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