Polaris Rose – ‘Set Me On Fire’

avatars-000100721349-phwl4d-t500x500Polaris Rose’s latest track is perfect in so many ways. From each instrument that is used, to their cohesive harmonies to their delicate vocals. It’s a song that should definitely have more than 500 plays on Soundcloud. This duo, which is comprised of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse work very well together and make beautiful music.

About the track:

“The lyrics speak to being true to yourself, despite every adversary:  “Days Undone / Wrap your heart around your arm / wear it so the real you will always show”.  The harrowing dissonance collides with their spacious echo of sound, crafting yet another trademark track that glows with trouble.”


If you like it, you can click the free download button.


Polaris Rose’s official website

Polaris Rose on Twitter

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