Rosenblume – ‘All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain’


How could you not love his voice?

His style of music reminds me of something I haven’t heard in a while but whatever it is, it’s fantastic!

‘All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain’ is the first single from Rosenblume’s (Daniel Ross) soon to be released, EP of the same name. The Liverpool artist spent almost two years working on it.

According to his Facebook page, Rosenblume is inspired by the folk greats of Greenwich Village, Laurel Canyon and beyond, and this debut release displays his penchant for songs wrought with passion and emotion, breathing new life into an art of writing long forgotten. Can’t wait to hear it.

Rosenblume will be performing a special hometown show at Leaf Tea Shop in Liverpool on Thursday April 23rd to celebrate the release of the upcoming EP. If you are in the area, you should check it out. 


Rosenblume on Twitter

Rosenblume’s official website

Rosenblume on Facebook

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