Cosmo Sheldrake – ‘Pelicans We’


It’s finally here! Cosmo Sheldrake’s four track EP, ‘Pelicans We’ was released a week or so ago and I’m very excited.

If you’re not familiar with this artist, you need to get familiar as soon as you can. His stye of music is so unique and his creativity is on another level. I’ve admired his work for a while and I’m really happy that this is finally out.

Sheldrake’s EP, “is the product of many travels and influences, from trips down the Panama Canal to isolated islands populated entirely by scientists, to rainforests in remote coastal British Columbia. Armed with impish and irresistible logics, Sheldrake rehouses these newly gathered influences next to his love of British folk and nonsensical poetry.”

With the EP’s release, you also get to hear the title track, ‘Pelicans We’, which has been described as a “roguish musical setting of Edward Lear’s Pelican Chorus.”

Listen to the track below

You can stream the EP here

Support this amazing artist and purchase the EP here :

CD / Vinyl:…-sheldrake


Cosmo on Soundcloud

Cosmo on Facebook

Cosmo on Twitter

Cosmo’s official website








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