Sunny & Gabe – Godzilla (JDVBBS Remix)

SunnyGabeGodzillaWashington D.C. rapper/producer JDVBBS (pronounced ‘jay-dubs) is giving music listeners a taste of his diverse talents. In my previous posts, I have featured him as a rapper/singer but this time, you wouldn’t hear his voice but his skills as a producer.

JDVBBS remixes Sunny & Gabe’s ‘Godzilla’. He slows it down, strips away all the loud elements leaving Sunny’s voice as the highlight and transforming it into a hauntingly beautiful song.

Listen to this amazing track below


JDVBBS’ official website

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One thought on “Sunny & Gabe – Godzilla (JDVBBS Remix)

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