XO – ‘U & I’ (feat. Shay Lia)

3(1)Groovy as f*!k

That’s how I will describe XO’s latest, ‘U & I’ feat Shay Lia. It’s the second single off of his upcoming EP ‘The Ethereal Experience’.

‘U & I’ ​is a bittersweet ode to those breakups you can’t seem to shake off. XO (Sunil Heera) has described it as “the 4am anthem to calling your ex.”

In an interview with The Fader, XO says, “The song essentially demonstrates that we’re only human and our desire for someone of the past isn’t something we should be embarrassed by or ashamed of.”

“There’s something endearing about the idea of two people in two different places thinking about each other simultaneously. I wanted to make this apparent throughout the track, hence the male/female vocal juxtaposition.”

XO (Sunil Heera) has a talent where he creates 90s sounding R&B with a touch of the present delivering practically masterpiece after masterpiece. He’s never disappointed me yet, I don’t think he has it in him to do so.

‘The Ethereal Experience’ ​marks the second digital release on the UK label; He Loves You Not Recordings. You can pre­order now via iTunes, and automatically receive “Something About U”​as a small token of XO’s appreciation.
All tracks will be available for full release on 20th July​via all leading online stores.


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