FRAN LOBO – ‘Is This Love’

Fran Lobo

UK singer/songwriter and artist Fran Lobo has a major hit on her hands with ‘Is This Love’.

Her style reminds me a lot of Amy Winehouse. It’s passionate, it’s soulful, it’s dramatic and it’s all done over a pop R&B infused melody with the hypnotic sounds of a vintage keytar.

About the artist:

Fran Lobo is from North East London, UK.  Growing up in the grey suburbs of Edmonton in Enfield, she went on to study Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick University where she met musicians she began to write and perform with. After supporting the likes of Basement Jaxx, she began working with various producers at the famous F Block in Ealing Film Studios, home to producer Naughty Boy, responsible for no.1 singles by Emile Sande and Sam Smith.

Calling on the help of old university friends and musicians she met whilst working as a musician in London, Fran created the EP ‘Beautiful Blood’ writing and rigorously co-producing all of the tracks herself with close collaborators James Ellis and Pascal Bideau.

‘Is This Love’ will be released on June 29th via Fran Lobo Music while the EP will be released on July 6th. She will play an EP release party at Dalston Servant Jazz Quarters on July 1st where limited edition silver glitter cassette tapes will be available.

Can someone save me one?

Listen to the track below and take in the video as well.


Fran Lobo on Facebook

Fran Lobo on Twitter

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