Natalie McCool – ‘Oh Danger’

Nat_McCool_promo_2UK artist, Natalie McCool is back with a new single, ‘Oh Danger’ a follow up to ‘Pins’.

As the song begins, it’s a soft haunting tone that intensifies as she sings about the danger of loving someone.

I’m walking on a glass floor
Stepping through a trap door
Looking to the great unknown
Living in a tin can
Put my heart in your hand
Watching as you throw it overboard

Natalie is one helluva writer and the way she delivers those words, it hits you, and it hits hard especially when you can relate to the situation.

Stream this amazing song below and head on over to her Soundcloud where the lyrics are posted.


Natalie McCool on Facebook

Natalie McCool on Twitter

Natalie McCool’s official website



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