BOW AND ARROW – ‘Midnight’



‘Midnight’ is an absolutely addictive and sensual song.

Australia’s Bow and Arrow are responsible for this melodic masterpiece. This husband and wife duo (Mindy Kwanten and Mitchell Kwanten) make magic together.

According to PR details, ‘Midnight’ came together fast in a hit of inspiration. Bow and Arrow played the track live at many gigs and festivals around Australia while recording and self-producing the track in places around Sydney from the sandy shores of the Northern Beaches to the nature surrounding acreage of the Hills.

Interesting tidbit, Bow and Arrow played all instruments on the track except violin, which was played by Eric Avery.

The song is also paired with a remarkable video.

What a story in this one, you have to watch it to see what I mean.

Stream and watch ‘Midnight’ below.


Bow and Arrow on Facebook

Bow and Arrow on Soundcloud

Bow and Arrow on Twitter



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